Name Sandra Jacobs
Function DJ
Gender vrouw
Date of birth          
19 februari 1973
Origin Nederland Nederland
Genres progressive, techhouse, deephouse
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
KvK 58420258

Female Dj / Producer in Techhouse/progressive & Deephouse.
Lady Saxalott Productions.
Resident DJ for Exceptionnel.

Biography Lady Saxalott

Sandra alias DJ Lady Saxalott has fallen in love with house music since 1996.

She was an aerobic teacher for several years, always counting beats and looking for the right music for the right atmosphere. She has been to many festivals and parties and has an endless love for Ibiza.

During a great NYE-party from Exceptionnel in 2011, Lady Saxalott met a famous female DJ. At that moment her inspiration was born !

Her infinitive love for house music became at a higher level.

She bought her first pioneer set and every day she was practising at home, finding her own sound. After sharing her music with friends, they went totally crazy about it!

The name the “feel good vibe’ from dj Lady Saxalott was born.

After that she got an invitation from the organization Exceptionnel and her first gig for many party people was a fact.

She  loves to see how the people are dancing on her beats and she feels the energy of the crowd. The people love her sound and her enthusiasm.

She  is a very  passionate dj. Her sound is deephouse/tech-house, progressive.

Lady Saxalott has already done many gigs for: Crazyland, Fascination, Creations, Guestzone Invites, At the Villa group, Tempation Events, Koempelrock, BLUSHHH and many more.

She has played at many big festivals like : EXTREMA Solar Weekend Festival, Castle of Love festival, Koempelrock festival, P.U.R.E. outdoor, Intiem outdoor festival, Groovegarden festival and many more.

International gigs: Amice Beach Club Wassenberg Germany & she has played several times at Ibiza Sunset People in Playa den Bossa IBIZA

She started learning recently the ropes of being a producer also.

In 2014 she has 4 releases on her name in deephouse/techhouse sound.

Lady Saxalott rocks the clubs with techhouse/progressive beats.

Her enthusiasm and beats get everyone moving during her set.

Because of her on-stage experience, she is able to feel what her crowd wants and easily interacts with them.

With this lady behind the wheels of steel, a spectacular and surprising show is guaranteed.    

Are you ready to party?


dj Lady Saxalott